“Up through the back, back through the loop, hold it tight. Down to the front to the ring, back through the loop, hold it tight…” these words were replaying in my head over this weekend. This is the ‘formula’ for our first exercise—net making. It may be not new to everybody, but it ‘s new to me. We started to make the net after watching the demo on the YouTube video and professor lung’s demonstration. Sometimes, things are easy to talk, but difficult to put into practice. I found that I had no idea about how to make it when I started to do it by myself. First attempt, failed. Second attempt, failed… It was frustrating at first but I kept trying and practicing. After doing some practice, I finally finished the first row. But I found that the loop looked too loose, so I fixed it by making another one. I have forgotten how many times I fixed the first row. I think it is important to make a nice first row or there is no way to continue making the later rows.  I found that it was so easy to finish the rest of the rows after mastered the technique of making the net. Even though making a net is just some repeating actions, it requires one’s patience as mastering any other skills that require practice and patience.

The net structure reflects a close relationship between lines and surfaces that are the basic elements of design. Net making is a process that shows how to convert a thread to a complex shape as the process that how to use lines create shapes in the basic design.

Then I started to think what the net can be used and put something on it. One of the ideas is use it as a jewelry holder, so we can put some earrings and necklaces on it. Another idea is it could be used as some decoration for the house by adding some color on it.


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