This is my cultural garment. (I found that I don’t have any cultural garments here, so I just borrowed this from my friend.)

“-The Qipao, also known as the cheongsam or mandarin gown, is a type of traditional Chinese female costumes. In most western countries and in the Cantonese dialect cheongsam is the name of a garment worn by both men and women. However, Chinese view the cheongsam as a male dress and use the word Qipao for its female equivalent.

-It is featured by stand collar, right side opening, fitting waist and slip bottom, which can fully set off the beauty of the female shape.

-With a history of over 300 years old, Qipao was originated from Manchu women typical dress. During Qing Dynasty, Han people are forced to dress in Cheongsam instead of Han Chinese clothing. With later improvements, it has become the traditional dress for Chinese women.”

Nowadays, cheongsam has been reformed in order to fit different needs of people. This link is a show about the modern cheongsam:

It is a great opportunity to look back our own cultural history that tells who we are and where we are from through her design. In fact, I think the pattern of the traditional cheongsam should not be changed that much; otherwise, it might just lose its own meaning.


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