Reading #2

“Modern monopoly production is never just the production of goods; it is always also the (monopoly) production of relations, and of differences.”

We consume to remain at a safe distance from others. The world of goods treats consumers as a group in order to classify them into different statuses, different social roles. People feel their voice as consumers is strong and powerful as long as they are consuming. If they refused to consume, they might feel less pleasure since they need those goods to satisfy their own desires. While the modern monopoly production is creating the relationship to consumers, it helps the consumers to seek the marginal differences among the society.

“All men are equal before objects as use-value, but they are by no means equal before objects as signs and differences, which are profoundly hierarchical”

It clearly reflects how the advertising influents consumption and consumers. Advertising as the product of industries, which helps the individual to create the kind of differentiation through seeking out smallest marginal. Advertising seems to be the logic of distinction while individual tries hard to fit into this rule that has been created by people themselves.

“Functional femininity has its counterpart in functional masculinity or virility. The models are, quite naturally, arranged in twos. They are the product not of the differentiated nature of the sexes, but of the differential logic of the system. The relation of the Masculine and the Feminine to real men and women is relatively arbitrary.”

Ads are distinguished by sex – ads for women emphasize self-indulgence; ads for men emphasize particularity, informed choice. Women consume themselves in self-indulgence, thus reifying them, becoming object among objects offered for the male choice. Women experience satisfaction by proxy, by being chosen, as the self-indulgence is not satisfaction, but merely preparation for the being chosen. The feminine model is extending itself over all of consumer society.


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