“Fashion a Strategy of Desire” (Jean Duvignaud)

-What is the really purpose of dressing up ? Is it attracting others’ attention or showing the personality of oneself ?

-How to understand ” you have to imitate that which is in fashion in order not to be imitate” ?

-Why men don’t follow as many fashion trends as women?


2 thoughts on ““Fashion a Strategy of Desire” (Jean Duvignaud)

  1. I guess it is because our society has accepted the stereotype that women should care more about their appearance than man. It seems like people care women’s appearance more than men’s. I have seen some guys worn night clothes and slippers to shop in the grocery stores, but no one cared that much. However, when the roles are reversed, girls might be looked down to some degree. Also, women are grown up in the society that they are encouraged to consume. They are encouraged to buy this to buy that. From advertisements to clothing’s stores, everything seems to target at the female consumers. It is obvious that women have more choices on fashion. Furthermore, it seems like female consumers have more obvious consumerism inclination than male consumers. This kind of phenomenon may be caused by a series of factors, such as the economic factor, culture factor, status factor and psychological factor, all of these factors act on female consumers together, make them influenced more extensively by the consumerism culture.

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