Beauty and Business

Woman always do anything they can do in order to enhance their appearance. To fool the public, we have fake eyelash, fake nails, fake hairs, and now we have fake breasts. Having large breasts means you are able to catch more attention from others, it also means you might have a better future than those who have small breasts. Breast size becomes an important element to evaluate the beauty of female. While breast forms are shaping by cultural values that emphasize the female ideal of a double-breasted figure, our society constantly spread the message that having big breast means having greater superiority.  Moreover, the advertisers and surgeons out there want females to believe that breast-prostheses not only enhance their physical appearance but also bring some psychological benefits. They are all trying to encourage women to get those ‘fake breasts’. Obviously, prostheses businesses are commercializing the “personal business”, turning it into a for-profit business. It is surprising to hear that the contemporary breast-prostheses industry produces dozens of styles every year in a variety of sizes, skin tones, materials. Breasts’ function is not just for reproduction but more is for aesthetics due to the changes in our society.

Women might wear prosthetic breasts to find aesthetic pleasure or to suit the cultural values. Personally, wearing prosthetic breasts just like you are fooling others and yourself. If someday your partner find out the truth under your garments, how he might feel? However, we can do anything to our bodies as long as we feel comfortable with it. It is all about how we feel about ourselves rather than pleasuring others. If we don’t mind walking around without wearing bras, then who cares?


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