Fashion and Subversion

“Fashion’s contradictory nature means that the powerful images it conjures speak of fear as well as pleasure.”

As this two photographs, the pink which is considered as a color of femininity  is used on the male’s blazer.

“While unisex seeks to mask the body in supposedly genderless clothes, androgyny seeks to unite male and female, masculine and feminine in one body.”

The ‘pregnant’ man  and muscle lady visually show the idea of androgyny.

This guy is trying to challenge our understanding of gender and force us to think outside of the norm.

“Advertisements reinforced people’s need to acquire the right ‘look’ to meet contemporary expectation.”

Men are used to portrayed as strong, powerful and active while women are used to portrayed  as soft, passive and weak in the ad.


“The diversity of contemporary culture and the the break-up of existing ideas of gender, race and sexuality led to confusion surrounding definitions of identity.”


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