The Fashion of Architecture

“In recent years, fashion has gained recognition and critical acclaim in the art world, and also serves the artistic expression of architects.”

This fashion designer created the garments that are inspired by the architect from Shanghai World Expo.

“Architects also give fashion a platform to express itself in a sculptural guise.”

This is an example of fashion designers get inspiration from sculture.

<Burberry Prorsum & Henry Moore>

Inspired by the monumental abstract bronze sculptures of English artist Henry Moore, Burberry creative director Christopher Bailey created prints based on the shapes of Moore’s pieces. This funky take on the classic trench looks as Moore’s 1963 sculpture “Looking Piece” was stamped all over it, marking the coat with rust.

“The possibility of discovering a new artistic identity through fashion has prompted numerous contemporary artists to deconstruct and reconstruct fashionable designs.”

This is a artwork form the contemporary  artistic. It shows that fashion design has great impact on the artworks.


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