What do most ordinary women feel when they open up the magazines that present the sexually attractive models with the perfect body shape? Probably most women might feel painful and poor when comparing those ideal bodies to their own bodies. The perfect body shape that is being presented in advertisements or magazines is well under the normal weight of the average woman, which is hard for ordinary women to achieve those expectations. Women are stereotyped as one image and that image is of perfection. Actually, we are all fooled by those perfect images that are altered by airbrush and are taken in the right angle with professional lighting. However, the magazines and advertisements constantly reinforce the idea of idolized body.

Models in the runway and in the magazines are becoming the norm of beauty. The real value of beauty has been seen as a commodity and sexual desire. The idealization of thinness has become the beauty norm among young women.

As Rebecca says, “ Fashion photography and design play an important role in displaying our desires constructing complex images that encourage sensual visual consumption.” In the modern era, ordinary women are trying to achieve their desires of beauty through those untouchable images that misrepresent who women really are and mislead how women should achieve beauty. The definition of beauty is no longer realistic since one is encouraged to fit into the criteria that one must meet the certain body portions, height, color and face features. In my opinion, women should appreciate their natural appearance, which is more unique than those alien-like looks that display in the ads.

People are fascinated with the ads portrayal of the naked flesh of the ideal woman. An ad from Tom Ford’s fragrance portrays a bottle of perfume placed between a naked woman’s breasts. Her mouth is open. This ad attempts to show the nakedness of a woman’s body in parts to satisfy male fantasy and sexual pleasure. We are lure and trapped by these images. Beauty is seen as a sexual desire, while women’s bodies are degraded as a sexual object. To be beautiful or look beautiful in the eyes of the onlooker is human nature and basic desire; however, people achieve beauty through expressing the desire of openness has weakened the real value of beauty itself.


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