Beauty & Culture

The exhibition of “Beauty Culture” displays a collection of images that focuses on examines “how feminine beauty is defined, challenged and revered in modern society.” The exhibit features works from iconic photographers such as Albert Watson, Bert Stern, Herb Ritts, Man Ray, Melvin Sokolsky, Ellen von Unwerth, Lillian Bassman and so on. This exhibition aims to question people themselves about what is the real definition of beauty and why it is, why it is part of human nature and what make certain images and media that play in our minds about the boundaries of beauty. The definition of beauty is various from distinct regions of the world, while there are many different beauty norms out there. Today’s multi-billion-dollar fashion, beauty industries and mass media tend to reinforce the unrealistic ideals in our minds by showing us the professional models, performers or other perfection icons. The unrealistic ideals are challenging our views on beauty while in today’s society where perfection of the human form is the key to fitting the norm. At the same time, we are told to believe that being beautiful is not hard since we can achieve those perfect looks through getting the plastic surgery. After seeing those images, I left feeling like I’d gained some perspective on the crushing pressure to be perfection not for fitting into some sort of norm but gaining more confidence since beauty is the power.


2 thoughts on “Beauty & Culture

  1. I can say I don’t fit in any beauty spectrum, that is why I have a strong desire to change myself after seeing those beautiful faces and bodies in the photos. Even though there are so many ways to achieve beauty, I would not consider anythings that might put my own body at a risk. I know it is normal for many people to choose to get the plastic surgery as a way to become beautiful. However, the way I achieve beauty is depended on make-up and clothes. It is one of the reasons I am interested in fashion design as it may help me improve my own fashion sensibility.

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