Research assignment #1



Plastic bags haunt our delicate environment. Every year, trillion plastic bags are consumed around the world. The use of plastic bags causes environmental issue has become a serious problem to our surrounding. According to the, plastic bags can result in such problems: animal death, landfill waste, clogged waterways, occupational health hazards, toxic pollution, soil degragation and so on.

Fortunately, more and more people around the world are becoming aware of the environmental issues surrounding plastic bags. The impact of plastic bags on the environment can be devastating.

In fact, some governments around the world are taking the initiative to deal with the environmental impact of plastic bags by either banning plastic bags or discouraging their usage.  For example,  according to the Brendle, the Brendle group which is a federal and State of Colorado-certified woman-owned small business conducted a triple bottom line – economic, environmental, and community – evaluation of a range of plastic bag policy options. This evaluation draws on the research and work already completed by other communities that have developed and implemented bag policies which include 29 states and 80 communities nationwide and in Canada. The Fort Collins City Council has requested that City Staff consider policy options for single‐use plastic bags in the community. The more is over 80 communities nationwide have implemented a policy or education program related to retail bag consumption. According to the Brendlegroup, the most effective action is to put fees on plastic bags while the education program has minimal change of consumer use of disposable bags.

Besides the community and government, some apparel industries also take action to pollution of plastic bags by turning them into clothing. For example, according to Humana nova news, Social Cooperative Humana nova in cooperation with utility companies and local governments of Međimurje county used clothing, textile, footwear and clear plastic bags to make a clothing collection.

In the apparel industry, garments are usually wrapped in individual plastic bags before shipping. According to the, the manufacturer Prana made big operational changes shifting 30% of its products from individual plastic bags to eco packing. Its action can contribute to eliminate 250,000 individual poly bags for one season.

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