Research Assignment 3#

The apparel industry has the potential to build economies and bring many job opportunities. Actually, low pay, lack of rights and poor working conditions are still the norm for millions of garments workers across the world. In addition, industry works were particularly hard for workers to endure such long working time. Working conditions were often unsanitary. The working environment was extremely tough.

The factory jobs are considered as the low skill jobs. Many people enter into this occupation because they are not educated or they don’t have any choices.  So they have to suffer bad treatment from the employers. Many garment factories are located in the third countries. As I know that most factory workers in China, they work under the bad environment and get low paid. That is why most of the garments are made in China, especially the cheap garments. “Fast Fashion” has become the part of our culture and is a serious problem that it exploits low-wage workers in other countries; also it is not good for our environment.  Most of the fast fashion brands they use cheap foreign labor and rely on production methods that tax the environment.  Low wages are drawing the textile industry to Cambodia and other Southeast Asia countries. Apparel factories keep searching cheap labor in other low cost countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia. People in those countries are more willing to work hard for less. If the apparel factories keep searching cheap labor in other countries, it might exploit more low-wage workers; eventually they might have worse working condition. Apparel Search is in agreement that the fashion industry and textile industry will float around the globe in search of lower cost.

When people are purchasing the cheap fashion, we should think more about their origins. Consumers can contribute to buy local brands clothing to improve our economy and environment. It is better to buy fewer and better clothes rather than excess low quality clothes. Quality would be an entirely new concept for a whole generation. Also, the way the fashion industry is managed can be changed to have a more positive impact on the lives of workers in supplier countries. It is impossible to require all manufactures, retailers and consumers have high moral duty, and what is more important for them is profit and benefit so the most effective way to improve factory workers’ lives is garment should establish law to protect their rights.


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